• cityscape with lambro river
  • grasshopper
  • selling of vegetables
  • street life in guwahati
  • guwahati in black and white
  • countryscape with bell tower
  • royal villa
  • portrait with hat
  • the crane
  • skylight
  • moon over the canal
  • flying saucers
  • red hot-air balloon
  • big eye
  • eno stream at morteratsch glacier
  • mountainscape with canebrake
  • window with woodbine
  • dusk with moon
  • autumn is here
  • alpisella lake
  • central nave
  • mist at park
  • la campagne rose
  • church at dusk
  • sunday along the park
  • vintage look of Labia Palace
  • santa maria formosa
  • lower belvedere
  • urban view at hofburg palace
  • solleoni bust

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