Hello guys, this is Roberto Pagani. Photographer enthusiast and passionate of landscapes, street, architecture, travel and other. I love even so much iphoneography and to elaborate the images I take, using the smartphone applications. I don’t have so big attitude to write. I prefer the images than the words. For this reason you will not find so long discussion and considerations related to the posted images. The aim of this website is mainly to share photographs than thoughts, opinion, words. Or, if you prefer, to share thoughts, opinion, words mainly through images. If you like “Roberto Pagani Photography” please share this website on social networks you are subscribed. Thanks in advance for that. Are you interested in some of the images you saw on this site? Ok. Let me know and drop me an e-mail. We’ll get for sure an agreement. You can see other my works, including those posted here, at:

I’m also passionate of graphics shapes, mainly kaleidoscopic pictures, so I created a dedicated website called Kaleidobog. If you like, you can also see further keleidoscope images at Kaleidoscope visions, my facebook page dedicated to these graphic pictures.

I’ll look forward to hear from you at soonest.